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Aggregator 3 #

This is the successor to renowned TFS Aggregator. It is a Rule interpreter specifically designed for Azure DevOps. Associate Rules with Work Item changes to automate your workflow, to allow dynamic calculation of field values and more.

Aggregator 3.x supports two scenarios:

  • Azure DevOps Services with Rules running in Azure Functions.
  • Docker container running in the cloud or on-premise.

The latter permits replacing the Server Plugin after migrating the Rule code.

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Docker Image from DockerHub Docker Image from GitHub Container Registry

TFS Aggregator v2 #

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TFS Aggregator is a extension for Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Azure DevOps Server (not Service!) that enables running custom script when Work Items change, allowing dynamic calculation of field values in TFS and more.

You can use the Server Plugin, for TFS 2013 update 2 up to Azure DevOps Server 2022.

TFS Server API changes frequently: the Server Plugin contains specific code for each TFS version, so the binaries will work only with a specific TFS version.

Contacts #

The preferred way to interact with the team is a to open a GitHub Issue for Aggregator CLI or TFS Aggregator v2.

We setup a Slack community for discussion on code and troubleshooting.

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The email address must be used only when instructed by someone on the core. It exists to exchange confidential information with the team and it is not regularly monitored.

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