Common objects

The following objects are not event specific and can be used in any Rule.

Event variable [v0.9.11] #

The event variable describes what triggered the rule. It can hold one of the following string constants.


This makes easier to write a single rule which reacts to multiple events.

Logger Object #

The Function logger object is contained in the logger variable. It support four methods:

  • WriteVerbose(message)
  • WriteInfo(message)
  • WriteWarning(message)
  • WriteError(message)

IdentityRef type #

Represents a User identity. Use mostly as a read-only object. Use the DisplayName property to assign a user.

string DirectoryAlias

string DisplayName Read-write, use this property to set an identity Field like AssignedTo.

string Id Read-only; Unique Id.

string ImageUrl Read-only;

bool Inactive Read-only; true if account is not active.

bool IsAadIdentity

bool IsContainer Read-only; true for groups, false for users.

string ProfileUrl

string UniqueName

string Url